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Ford GT Generations Clash: Epic Drag Race Showdown

Ford GT Generations Clash: Epic Drag Race Showdown
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In this epic showdown on the carwow channel, we witness a clash of the titans as three generations of the iconic Ford GT go head-to-head in a blistering drag race. The contenders are the original Ford GT40 from 1967, the 2006 Ford GT, and the latest 2017 Ford GT. It's a battle of power, performance, and sheer automotive prowess.

First up, we have the OG, the legendary Ford GT40. With its 4.7L V8 engine pumping out 310 horsepower, this vintage beast is a true testament to automotive history. It may be old, but it's still got some fight left in it. Next, we have the 2006 Ford GT, armed with a mighty 5.4L supercharged V8 delivering a jaw-dropping 560 horsepower. This modern classic is a force to be reckoned with. And finally, the latest iteration of the Ford GT, boasting a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 engine churning out a mind-blowing 650 horsepower. This cutting-edge machine is the epitome of automotive innovation.

As the race unfolds, the powerhouses unleash their might on the standing quarter-mile. The 2017 Ford GT surges ahead, leaving its rivals in the dust. The 2006 Ford GT puts up a valiant fight, but ultimately falls short. And the original Ford GT40, though a true legend, struggles to keep up with its younger siblings. It's a display of raw power and engineering excellence.

But the battle doesn't end there. A rolling race from 40 mph in second gear reveals even more about these incredible machines. The 2017 Ford GT proves its dominance once again, effortlessly overtaking the competition. The 2006 Ford GT puts up a good fight, but can't match the sheer speed and agility of its successor. And the original Ford GT40, while still a marvel of its time, is outclassed in this high-speed showdown.

To add to the excitement, a brake test is planned. However, a flat tire on the GT40 puts a damper on the proceedings. Nevertheless, the other two contenders showcase their braking prowess, with the 2017 Ford GT exhibiting exceptional stopping power, leaving the 2006 Ford GT in its wake.

In this clash of generations, the 2017 Ford GT emerges as the ultimate champion, proving that advancements in technology and engineering have propelled the Ford GT to new heights. It's a testament to the enduring legacy of the Ford GT and a thrilling spectacle for any automotive enthusiast.

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Viewer Reactions for Ford GT Generations DRAG RACE

  • The 1967 GT40 held its own against the newer models and had impressive performance for its time.
  • The GT40 had multiple engine options, all naturally aspirated, which was impressive for the 60s.
  • The GT40's 1/4 mile time of 13.9 seconds was considered fast even by today's standards.
  • The GT40 driver was praised for driving the car aggressively.
  • The GT40's looks were highly praised, with many considering it stunning and timeless.
  • The Petersen Museum was commended for allowing these old cars to be driven.
  • Some users preferred the older cars for their looks, while acknowledging the improvements in performance over the years.
  • The sound of the shifts in the 2006 GT was praised.
  • Racing driver Sam was praised for his chemistry with Mat.
  • Some users expressed interest in seeing a MKII GT40 in a race.
  • The video was praised for its concept and execution.
  • The 1967 GT40's 1/4 mile time was considered impressive for its time and comparable to modern turbocharged 4-cylinder cars.
  • The GT40 was praised for its performance and aesthetics.
  • Some users expressed disappointment with the choice of the GT40 MKIII and suggested using a GT40 with a larger engine.
  • Users requested races involving other car brands and models.
  • The price conversion from dollars to pounds was noted.
  • The Ford GT was mentioned as a superior car with advanced technology.
  • The second-generation GT40 was favored by some users.
  • Ken Miles and the movie "Ford v Ferrari" were mentioned.
  • Some users felt the race was pointless and the results were obvious.
Ford GT Generations Clash: Epic Drag Race Showdown
Image copyright Youtube
Ford GT Generations Clash: Epic Drag Race Showdown
Image copyright Youtube
Ford GT Generations Clash: Epic Drag Race Showdown
Image copyright Youtube
Ford GT Generations Clash: Epic Drag Race Showdown
Image copyright Youtube